H.W. Ranwig


Already in his earliest childhood his parents recognized and promoted his musical talent (mother opera singer and actress, father director).

H.W. Ranwig became a mulitinstrumentalist.

As a teenager, H.W. Ranwig did theater work and was partly responsible for the music in several youth pieces. For example, under Joachim Preen in Bremen.

First international music productions followed from the seventies anwards, among others with "Thirsty Moon" and with the sound engineer Conny Plank.

In the "Eighties" and "Nineties" he celebrated great successes with his own rock bands and productions. The Europe-wide touring Scottish band "Highlander" was more than impressed and egaged him as the front man (vocals, bass and guitar).

His collaboration with Scottish and Irish musicians inspired H.W. Ranwig to compose of

the  "Celtid Dream World"©   CD. A successful combination of classical and Celtic music,

after which he was commissioned to compose a Celtic musical. Then in 2010, the idea

for the Celtic musical   "AVALON ... and the journey begins"©   was born.

H. W. Ranwig succeeds in uniquely combining classic, Celtic and catchy pop-rock elements.

Anyone who has heard the demos, whether amateur or professional, so far has been spellbound and enthusiastic about this new and diverse music.

Claudia Herzog


Claudia Herzog has been active in various areas of the music world since the beginning of the 90s. Amongst other things as a singer and frontwoman in several bands, organizer, manager and copywriter.

The classic Celtic rock music by H.W. Ranwig inspired her to the story of the musical "AVALON ... and the journey begins"©.

She used her intensive studies of dramaturgy and her previous experience as a writer to write - together with Birte Nilsson - with much dedication and creativity, the libretto for the pre-Celtic Roxical  

"AVALON ... and the journey begins" ©.

There have been consistently positive and enthusiastic reviews from

professional circles.

Birte Nilsson


At the age of six, Birte Nilsson learned her first musical instrument.

Over the years, nine more followed.

At the age of 27 she studied singing at the M.I.T. in Los Angeles, USA.

She graduated with honors, won the "Vocal Stylist Award" there and has been directing her own music school ever since.

For over 7 years she played and sang in an Irish band. In addition, she writes and publishes among other things poems and aphorisms.

In between her first novel was published.